Looking for a little magic this summer?


The Sterling Renaissance Fair is a wonderful adventure just waiting for you! Located at 15385 Farden Road, Sterling, New York 13156, this world of wonder is closer to home than you thought.

Whether you go for the food, the knight jousting tournament, or the many crafters selling their creations. Enter another world in the beautiful forests of Sterling as you are transported back in time to Warwick, England in 1585.

For more in depth information, visit the website at https://www.sterlingfestival.com/

Hope to see you there!

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The Book Chat Book Club

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Independence Day

For the Fourth of July the Belmont Library will be closed. Have a safe and happy 4th.

(Free clipart image from https://www.template.net/editable/112867/american-flag-map-clipart)

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An Inspiring Song

I enjoy seeking out new sounds and exploring different genres of music. On occasion, I come across something that strikes me as truly spectacular and different. This is one such song. Sung by Nicholas Durocher, AKA: “TALK,” has a beautiful voice and this song (for myself) invokes deep feelings and thoughtfulness. I hope it is something you may enjoy and that it is also something new for you to discover.

Happy listening.

(Video from YouTube: TALK – A Little Bit Happy (Lyric Video))

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South Scrimshaw

Described from the STEAM Community page, “South Scrimshaw is the story of a newborn whale in a vast alien ocean. It is a richly illustrated experimental visual novel, written in the style of a nature documentary.” (https://steamcommunity.com/app/2443110)

This is a video game like no other. There is no real “game play” as it is purely a viewing experience with narration from the team of scientists in the game. You follow a documentary of an alien ocean with organisms much like the ones found on Earth, and at the same time totally alien. This follows the story of a “Brillo whale,” a species of whale on this alien planet of the story that lives a unique lifestyle of extreme symbiosis with other organisms.

A hauntingly beautiful theoretical documentary, with all the natural terrors and beauty of life in the wild. A mix of several different art styles and subtle audio, a truly unique story to experience. A fantasy that seems so real in its detail and beautiful visuals.

Note: This is a nature documentary style video and has predation, life and death situations of the natural world, and scientific style investigations. It is not a real story but a theoretical world. I would say that the age rating should be around PG-13 due to the mild scenes of terror from the natural life cycles of hunter and prey presented in the video game.

(YouTube video of South Scrimshaw from Alpha Beta Gamer’s YouTube channel)

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Buffalo Zoo Free Youth Pass

(Image of Buffalo Zoo logo from Wikipedia)

The Buffalo Zoo has generously donated two free Youth passes for each library in the Southern Tier Library System. These passes are good for “Free Youth Admission with Paid Adult” and cover a maximum of two adults with two youths (youths being children ages 2 to 12). The pass must be presented at the zoo to receive the free admission (valued at $13.95). These can be checked out at the library for a max of seven days with no renewal, and only one pass may be checked out at a time by an individual patron. These passes will be valid until June 1st, 2024, and if successful, will hopefully be renewed.

Information about the Buffalo Zoo can be found at https://buffalozoo.org/.

(Image of the Buffalo Zoo map from their website https://buffalozoo.org/tickets/visitor-info/#zoo-map)

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Library Board Meeting

Curious about the library’s inner workings? Our meetings are open to the public. We meet once a month and we always meet at the library

This month is scheduled for June 15th at 3pm

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Fly Fishing Demonstration

June 29th

9 AM to 11AM

Belmont Free Library

(Image from Pintrest website)

          Tim Didas presents how to learn to tie effective summer fly patterns for the Genesee River and other great areas to fish in Western New York. Check out a fishing pole from the library and take a fishing pamphlet with relevant fishing information and locations.

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Friday Book Review (it has been a while)

Summer is on its way. A time of wildness and freedom. This is a book that makes me think of summer. The possibility of adventure humming in the air, that chaotic energy about to break loose.

“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” by Ransom Riggs is a fantastical book series about a hidden world of oddities that live alongside the world of “normals.” Jacob Portman is one of these normals, until his beloved grandfather dies under mysterious circumstances. At his psychiatrists advice to lay his past to rest, Jacob goes to the remote island of Cairnholm, where his grandfather lived in his childhood. However, once on the island, things become peculiar, and his grandfathers wild stories about children with strange powers and an old bird that watched over them become more than just stories. Get caught up in the world of peculiardom in this thrilling 6 book series with vintage photos that help tell the story of the peculiars.

Book List (In Order)

  1. “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”
  2. Hollow City
  3. Library of Souls
  4. A Map of Days
  5. The Conference of the Birds
  6. The Desolations of Devil’s Acre

I found this song “New World Coming” when the movie for this book series was first coming out. I was so enthralled by the enchanting beauty of the song that I decided to read the books. It turned out to be one of my all time favorite book series. The movie was a disappointment in my opinion, but the marvelous story in the books more than makes up for the movies failure.

(YouTube video of the song “New World Coming” sung by DISA)

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Worried About Winter?

Summer is here, but as any Western New Yorker knows our winters are nothing to sniff at. It is always a good idea to prepare for the cold months well ahead of time. Provided by Natalie Nicosia MA. PT., this is a link for helping the elderly with walking in winter conditions and preventing falling during the hazardous conditions the cold months bring.


Click on the link above to access the 16 page Google document about the hazards of falling that winter brings.

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