What is a monster?

It is easy to judge someone based on how they look, how they dress, or other external appearances. But a monster is not how someone looks, but rather how they act. It is easy to make someone into a monster by treating them like one. Kindness is the best “weapon” to turn “monsters” into friends.

(YouTube video “Grendel (2018) by Byu Animation Films)
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Board Meeting

The library’s board meeting will be on Thursday September 21, 2023, at 3 PM in the library. If you wish to be present/have a topic of discussion, please contact ahead of time so you can be put on the agenda.

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The Ice Age is an almost mythical setting. When the world was locked in vast glaciers, the rugged land and sea unrecognizable to today. A fascinating piece of that lost era of time is called Doggerland. Now underneath the North Sea between England and Europe, there lies the remnants of a lost world. When the Ice Age was in full swing, the sea levels of the globe dropped around 400 feet, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, exposing much of the continental shelves and low level sea beds around the continents of the world.

Relicts of the civilizations of Doggerland have been dredged up from the sea by British fishermen for ages, and it is a fascinating archaeological treasure trove. Below is a link to the National Geographic article by William E. McNulty and Jerome N. Cookson, for a more in-depth look at this fascinating Ice Age “Atlantis.”


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The Magnus Archive

Looking for a dark anthology of stories to read but don’t have the time to read? Welcome to the Magnus Archive, an audio collection of short horror stories ranging from the bizarre to the supernatural.

Below is the first episode. Sit back with a cup of tea, turn off the lights, and prepare for spine tingling frights!

(YouTube video of “THE MAGNUS ARCHIVES #1 – Anglerfish – Horror Fiction Podcast” by Rusty Quill Podcasts)

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How Old is…?

Time is always moving, and we along with it. Some things change with time, and others seem to stay the same. The Belmont Free Library is 138 years old. The director of the library is 26 years old. Dragonflies have been around for 300 million years! What is the oldest thing you own? Or how old is your favorite person? What is something that time has made special for you?

Come in to the library and converse/write down on our list of old things.

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Smart Snakes Event!

Smart Snakes with Professor Von Scales will be presenting on Tuesday August 29th from 1pm to 7pm upstairs in the Belmont Library.

There will be a host of reptiles and arachnids that you can see and interact with under the expert guidance of Professor Von Scales. His goal is to help educate the public on reptiles and arachnids to help destigmatize the irrational fear surrounding these majestic creatures.

Meet Black Widows, Scorpions, Bull Snakes, Mexican Red Knee Tarantulas, Gold Ringed Snakes, Bird Snakes, and more with Professor Von Scales!

Professor Von Scales

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Board Meeting

The Library will be having their board meeting today August 10th at 3pm.

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Ecosystems in Games

We are but a small speck in space, and on our small speck, our species is part of a web of other species and environments all linked across our planet. It is often forgotten that humans are part of nature, with technology taking society further and further from the natural world. Yet humans are just as much part of the ecosystem as a bee or a whale.

This video by Curious Archive explores the ecosystems of video game worlds that express the scale of life, and how small humans are in it. And yet, humans can cause massive change, for good or ill. Take time in your day to see how you impact nature, and make conscious decisions to be part of the system of life.

(video from YouTube “Games that Make you Part of the Ecosystem”)

Curious Archive

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Board Meeting

The Library will be having their board meeting today July 20th at 3pm.

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New Galileoscope at Library

(Image from https://esahubble.org/products/logos/galileoscope_logo/)

Ever wanted to study the stars but found them unreachable? Now they are in your grasp! We have a sturdy telescope kit that you can check out just like a book. It can be mounted on a standard tripod for easy star gazing fun. Reach for the stars and beyond!

(Image from https://explorescientificusa.com/products/galileoscope)

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