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    Aluminum Can Flower Workshop
    For 8-12 participants, ages 15 and up
    On Thursday, June 11th from 6-9:30 pm
    At The Belmont Free Library.
    *PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED. Stop at the library to sign up, call 585-268-5308 or email jefferdsc@stls.org

    Each participant MUST bring 8 to 15 clean, empty aluminum drink cans. More are needed if they are the 12 ounce and fewer if they are 20 ounce size.
    Also, more cans mean more choices.

    Bring your cans in a cardboard box so that the box can be used to hold the scraps of metal that you produce. This is for safety reasons.

    No empty cans will be provided. Choose cans with colors that appeal to you.

    If you like to wear work gloves or garden gloves, bring those but remember
    you will need to be able to hold and use scissors.


    1. Stapler – not a desk stapler but a construction stapler such as a craftsman stapler.
    We will use 3/8” staples.

    2. Tin snips or aviator snips or sharp scissors that you are willing to use to cut these aluminum cans.
    (Joyce Chen scissors work well as do garden scissors and German Jeweler’s Shears. Generally any sharp scissors
    will work but the blades will not do well with thread or fabric after this harsh treatment.)

    $15 per person to cover the cost of the wooden base, the hanger,
    pop rivets, staples and a donation to the library.

    The Belmont Free Library is proud to serve as a drop off location for receipts from Giant Food Mart for the SPCA – Serving Allegany County, NY. For every $25,000 worth of receipts donated, Giant will donate $50.00 to the shelter. It may sound like $25,000 is a difficult goal to reach, but the receipts add up really fast! Drop off receipts of any amount from Giant Food Mart in Wellsville and Cuba at the circulation desk during open hours or put them in the book drop when the library is closed. Thank you!
  • Do you have cans/bottles to return? You can donate your returnable bottles and cans at the Wellsville Redemption Center on Hanover Street (next to Island Park entrance) and designate the Belmont Free Library for the donation!!! It is simple and you don’t have to wait. Just drop them off and let the worker behind the counter know you want to donate them to us.
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