Gunnerkrigg Court

(Image of Tom Siddell’s first volume of Gunnerkrigg Court, image form Wikipedia)

In an earlier post I had mentioned the online site “Webtoons” where there is a collection of graphic novel/comic stories. Like Webtoon, this comics site is free, however, it is dedicated to just one comic.

“Gunnerkrigg Court” is the marvelous creation of Tom Siddell. His creation pulls elements from mythology around the world to create a compelling story that leaves you searching for more. Following a young girl named Anatomy Carver (aka Annie), as she attends school at The Court. Beyond the bridge is The Forest, a place of mystery and wilderness that pulls Annie closer. However, no one at the Court is allowed across the bridge. So, to investigate, she builds a robot to cross the bridge for her and to go see what is there, and that’s when things get…interesting.

Stunning and creative visuals, a deep and growing story, the end has yet to happen, but the excitement is always on the rise. Give it a try and see for yourself the wonders of Gunnerkrigg Court. Below is a link to the archives on the site that will give you the chapter selection so you can start at the beginning (So far there are 87 chapters and growing). Enjoy following Tom Siddell as he continues to make his work of story and wonder.

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