Webtoons and the World of Online Comics

(Image of the Webtoons logo from Wikipedia)

The art of story telling comes in many formats. Movies, books, theater, video games, and ever expanding new media styles. One such style that has been growing is that of digital comics. The Webtoons website is a free to use site that has hundreds of creators and their digital comics. Most are more accurately described as digital graphic novels. The age ranges on the stories go from children’s to adult. Each story is unique and told with a combination of art and words.

Personal favorites of mine include: “Apocalyptical Horseplay,” “Castle Swimmer,” “Urban Animals,” “Lore Olympus,” “The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn,” “Hooves of Death,” “Jungle Juice,” “Nothing Special,” and “Rooftops & Roommates.” To name a few. I read about 30 different stories.

They are constantly being updated and expanding. A few are finished series, but most of them you will get to read along as the artist/author is creating. Below is the link to the Webtoons website. I hope you find stories here that enchant you with their art and words as much as they have enchanted me. Enjoy.

Sincerely, Curtis Decker, Director of the Belmont Library


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