A World of Wonder

Animation and 3D rendering has been a rising art form since its creation. Ever expanding new digital worlds to explore and see. This video shows only seconds of each animation, but it is a tiny glimpse into much larger worlds. Like reading one page of a book and nothing else, these images of other worlds are thought provoking and enchanting. I hope you enjoy them as I did.

This video was a challenge, issued by the YouTuber “Pwnisher.” Below is their description of their video:

“Over the last month, I challenged 3D artists with the Alternate Realities CG challange. I provided an animation for everyone to work from, and the results were stunning. 2,400 artists delivered, the top 100 were chosen for this montage, and 5 of them walked away with insane prizes from Rokoko, Wacom, Quixel, PNY and Aftershokz (I personally reached out to my favorite companies in order to give away the tools I use every day.)” Pwnisher

Note: Video rating PG-13 for mildly scary fantasy elements (Not an official rating, just my own)

(Video from YouTube by Pwinsher of the top 100 Render Montage from the challenge issued by Pwinsher)

About Curtis Decker

Happy to be here and to open the library to all in need. I love talking about stories, drawing, farming, and hiking. Come in for books, conversations, and to share in the atmosphere of our historic small town library. A magical place of stories and wonder.
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